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Agreement Brings Medical Innovations to the Frontline

Medical innovation specialist Maps 2 Medical has today announced a new agreement with StatPacks Plus to distribute state-of-the-art medical products set to improve thousands of lives across Australia and New Zealand.

The sales and distribution agreement between the Australian companies is a significant move towards Maps 2 Medical's mission to provide communities with progressive, accessible and essential medical innovations through the provision of Recoverite Ice Compressionware, StatPacks Medical Kits and Insulated Medication Bags.

We are thrilled to have signed an agreement with StatPacks Plus who share our vision for easily-accessed and diverse innovative medical products within the market. It’s an extraordinary time for the industry with technology moving at a rapid pace. To be at the frontline with some of the world’s most impressive medical innovations is exciting for us, as we provide greater access for the extended community," said Mark Phillips, Co-founder and CEO at Maps 2 Medical.

Raf Sciezka, Co-Founder and Account Manager at StatPacks Plus said the agreement was an exciting milestone for their Recoverite Ice Compressionware, StatPacks Medical Kits and Insulated Medication Bags to have another Australian Distributor.

One of the products to be widely distributed to the market are the Insulated Medication Bags that provide durable protection and convenience to people dependent on life-saving medications such as EpiPens.

“The insulated medication bags are a unique, portable and safe way to transport medicines. Its bright and practical inclusions ensure that it’s easily located in a medical emergency with peace of mind that medicines are intact and usable,” he said.

From mining fly-away kits to traveler’s kits, the hard-case insulated medication bags come in three sizes with a carabiner to suit a variety of needs across schools, aged-care, sporting groups and adventure travel.

Known for their design of innovative packs and accessories, StatPacks has also developed a medical kit with an innovative and high-tech construction, field-tested across the globe and covering a full range of emergency medical needs distributed through StatPacks Plus and Maps 2 Medical.

StatPacks Plus’ commitment to innovative solutions extends to their Recoverite Ice Compressionware that reduces swelling and inflammation from soft-tissue injuries in contact sport, through the use of Clayfex gel technology in full length compression pants for men and women. With its sleek and absorbent design, athletes no longer need to use bulky icepacks for hot or cold therapy post-workouts.

"We are beyond excited to move into the next stage alongside Maps 2 Medical. The support and assistance they are providing to us is invaluable and we are looking forward to working together to bring a variety of StatPacks Plus medical products to the community," Raf said.

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