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Agreement Puts Spotlight on First Aid Splint Innovation

A distribution agreement has been announced recently between Fluoro Medical and Maps 2 Medical to distribute the innovative 'CAS Splint’ in Australia and Europe, with extensive interest building for the compact arm splint.

The sales and distribution agreement will place the all-in-one arm splint in first-aid kits and retail outlets across the country to provide easy access to the public, including through pharmacies and sporting groups.

Co-Founder and CEO at Maps 2 Medical, Mark Phillips said that the CAS Splint was an impressive invention and was receiving a lot of attention.

“It’s a privilege to be partnering with Fluoro Medical as a distributor for the CAS Splint. We’re excited to be part of the next stage for the Australian invention and likewise, to witness a shift in the accessibility of this first aid splint across the globe,” he said.

Small enough to fit into a standard first aid kit and light-weight, the CAS splint’s strong and durable design makes it perfect for hikers, sporting groups and campers who need to be prepared for emergency situations - especially in remote locations where medical attention may be delayed.

Inventor and Founder of Fluoro Medical, Scott Blackburn said that they were excited to be entering the next stage of distribution with Maps 2 Medical and their connections were invaluable to its integration into the market.

Designed to stabilise and support broken limbs, the CAS Splint was created with the support of Flinders University Medical Partnering Program and plans to be distributed throughout the world.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with interest in the CAS Splint and we’re in discussion with a number of other organisations with big opportunities on the horizon. It’s the start of an exciting journey with Fluoro Medical,” Mark said.

To find out more about the CAS Splint or connect with the Maps 2 Medical team, please visit or email

For media enquiries and photo opportunities - Maps 2 Medical Co-Founder and CEO Mark Phillips or 0414 870 227.