KIT K.I.T. watch

Maps 2 Medical announces new distribution agreement with Find Me Technologies

“We are thrilled to be distributing the new device and software solution. K.I.T Connectivity Solutions is an Australian-owned user-friendly device that provides peace of mind, made simple.”

The K.I.T device is discrete and very wearable, weighing just 51 grams it can be worn as a watch, on a belt loop or around the neck. We do not propose ‘watching over’ or ‘monitoring’ those using Find-me Tech products. K.I.T embraces and respects freedom of the individual and Find-me Tech products are designed to help people at risk enjoy greater autonomy, and provide peace of mind to those wearing them that they can keep in touch with carers, loved ones and emergency response teams through the device and interface should the need arise.


To find out more about the K.I.T device or connect with the Maps 2 Medical team, please visit or email

For media enquiries and photo opportunities - Maps 2 Medical Co-Founder Suzanne Privot