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CAS Splint

CAS Splint

The CAS Splint is designed to stabilise and support broken/injured arms. This innovative product with a clever, foldable design is a complete splint small enough to fit into a standard first aid kit.

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StatPack Plus

Insulated Medication Bags

Hard-case insulated medication bag with personal identification and medication cards. Made from durable, lightweight, heavy-duty fabric, which makes it very light to carry in your bag, but safe for your medication. Great for day-care, school, holidays, travel, sports time, and the workplace!

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Recoverite Ice Compressionware ™

Struggling trying to ice up on the lounge after rigorous exercise with a bag of frozen peas? Like compression? How about doing both at the same time while mobile and in transit on your way home from training or the game?

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Commercial grade medical kits. Fast packs for fast medics. Relying on advanced ergonomics and intelligent design, StatPacks keep the medic’s hands and mind free to handle the unexpected.

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K.I.T. Connectivity

The K.I.T device is discrete, fashionable emergency notification device. Weighing in at just 51 grams it can be worn as a watch, on a belt loop or around the neck.

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