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Connecting innovation with the medical industry.

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How We Help You

MAPS 2 MEDICAL connects outstanding innovative products & services with the medical industry around the world

Strategy Creation

Improving your business, marketing & sales strategies for innovators to engage with medical professionals.


Outsourced sales effort. Direct selling to surgeons, doctors, hospitals, clinics, chemists and more.


Building global arrangements with other specialist sales teams to help innovators scale economically.


Mentoring services to help you become medical industry ready.

medical innovation

Focus on Innovation

Selling innovation is different. Medical industries around the world are complex. They're highly regulated, very localized and big money is at stake. Your innovative product might be the leader technically, but also needs to be presented to the right people, by the right people, to also become a market success.

Success Strategies

Active Engagement

Around the world medical professionals rely heavily on account managers & face to face sales people. Scaling up for international clients takes a network of sales specialists in different countries. We're on the ground, building relationships, trust and consistent supply every day.

Direct Engagement

Facing the Customer

Face to Face

Personal connections make and break businesses in the medical industry.
We provide your strong front line.


Whether it's in the operating theatre, medical practices, or in pharmacies. When the customer says 'help' we are there.

Solving The Problem

Achieving superior health outcomes means understanding the problem and working through the complexity.

Think Outside the Box.

High growth innovators need lean and agile collaborators.

Choose Agility

Choose Passion

Choose Experience

Core Team

Our Directors are hands-on and personally connected at all times. Their own reputations and global networks are critical to the success of your business.

Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips

Co-Founder & CEO

suzanne privot

Suzanne Privot

Co-Founder & Director of Sales

Innovation Focus

Huge technology leaps are being made in areas such as below.


Today's range of wearable tech is driving a new wave of constant self-monitoring based on actual objective data.

Artificial Intelligence

Computer assistance in the detection and diagnosis of health issues is accelerating early intervention and improving medical responses.


Today a plethora of internet connected autonomous devices know as the Internet of Things is monitoring so much more than every before. .

Augmented Reality

The transfer of deep medical knowledge from person to person has always been hard. Today AR and VR (Virtual Reality) are easing that pain.

Mobile Devices

Transporting improved modern medical equipment to patients via road, air and ship is creating new opportunities for smaller and more moble devices.

3D Printing & New Age Materials

Highly customised assistive devices, implants and transplants are offering more customised solutions than every before.



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Latest News

25 September 2019

Mobile Personal Emergency Response System.

Maps 2 Medical is pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with Find Me Technologies to distribute K.I.T. Connectivity throughout the medical vertical.

stat packs plus
20 March 2018

Agreement Brings Medical Innovations to the Frontline

Medical innovation specialist Maps 2 Medical has today announced a new agreement with StatPacks Plus to distribute state-of-the-art medical products set to improve thousands of lives across Australia and New Zealand.

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Our unique background combines medical sales, medical policy, technology sales and startup innovation.